7 Financial Franchises for Sale of Loans ) Credit


How to open financial franchise or open a loan shop as a bank correspondent? When the payroll loan boom began in 2005, opening a lending office or representing banks and financiers to make financing brokerages was not as easy as it is currently. The loan (financial) office owner had to acquire know-how alone as the market was starting to heat up. I even had the opportunity to work at the company that was the first correspondent in offering loan online over the internet.

The business is promising, I know financial owners who started in the garage of the house or in the room or in small offices of 22m and today have branches in several places, consignados.com.br and Marcelo do emprestimofacil.com.br are good examples of successful, in addition to my friend Thiago of companhiadoconsignado.com.br and Elza Duarte da (Imediata) imediabrasil.com.br among others

But I also saw companies such as Centraldocredito and HRMercantil de Hilário Rossi one of the greats of the consigned to leave the scene. Much has changed since then, but the expansion of the credit supply in Brazil continues at a fast pace and, opening a credit shop or agency to do loan intermediation , personal credit, real estate financing and factoring, as well as being easier , have become excellent alternatives for new entrepreneurs.

Many companies were created in that time, some are no longer exist and others have prospered and created franchises to attract credit operations. As bank correspondents, most of them have a direct partnership with banks, financial institutions and specialized companies in real estate credit. And with the volume of traded transactions gained status and now offer their financial franchises to anyone who wants to enter that market that should be promising for a long time.

The most interesting in this business is the low investment that involves some franchises in the sector, of course the values ​​depends on some factors, some not relevant, but in general, the role of financial franchises is to have an establishment that mediates between the “Borrower” means the franchisor and the financial institution.

Financial Franchises

Financial Franchises



The size and know-how of the financial one you choose. The billing varies between R $ 5 and R $ 35 thousand monthly net. The investment to start the franchise will also depend on your pretensions. We list some companies that franchise their brands to capture loans and financing operations. Get to know some of the financial intermediary franchises available.

Health Cred – franchise with specialization in financing for medical and dental treatment. To begin operations you need to pay franchise fee, some setup costs and working capital. If you have around $ 19,000 you can start working. Income of R $ 5 thousand monthly and return of investment between 12 to 24 months.

Credit Shop – finances micro, small and medium enterprises. To open a unit of this franchise you will need a little more, $ 30 thousand. The costs and fees involved are the same as Health Cred’s. 


Income around R $ 4 thousand and return on investment is expected between 18 to 24 months

Income around R $ 4 thousand and return on investment is expected between 18 to 24 months.



Vazoli – a franchise for the capture and granting of credit to individuals, you have to pay R $ 40,000 to obtain the operating authorization. The monthly income is around R $ 18,000 and the return on investment is 12-24 months.

Easy Cred – franchise of loans and financing for individuals. With R $ 25 to R $ 110 thousand the brand can be used by you with all the know-how necessary to earn good money every month. Gross revenue of R $ 200 thousand.

Federal Invest – Factoring: franchise to grant advance credit for micro and small entrepreneurs, the value of investment here is high, $ 367 thousand just to start. Net approximate income of R $ 24 thousand and return between 6 and 12 months.

CrediSul – Franchise of financial services that involve the deduction of consigned loan with discount in sheet and personal credit. The franchise rate is around R $ 28 to R $ 110 thousand, the income can reach R $ 100 thousand monthly and the return up to 24 months.

Loan – Franchise Loan offers financial services for funding and granting payroll loans, personal loans and real estate loans. You need to pay a franchise fee of R $ 30 to R $ 50 thousand with monthly invoicing of R $ 30 thousand per month.

According to the executive director of financial studies of Anefac (National Association of Finance, Administration and Accounting Executives) Miguel Ribeiro de Oliveira, he informed that in Brazil the credit segment should remain promising for a few more years.

The gains and income obtained with the financial deductibles come from the commission received from the contracts approved by the banks. It is worth mentioning that like any business, success with the loan franchise demands attention in the market, determination in the search for knowledge, personalized service and entrepreneurship. The presence in business is imperative, making investments in personnel, marketing and specialized training are extremely important for the business to grow.

Do you know more financial franchises? You have or are wanting an experience in the business, leave your comment.