Co-financing is very popular in many industries and areas of life. No wonder – in the end it is an opportunity to raise large amounts for many purposes. Sometimes, however, we are not aware that … it is enough to reach for them !

Do you want to know what you can get for financing? Find out what documents you will need at the beginning and what the entire procedure for applying for funding looks like.


Opening your own business

Opening your own business


A private company means a lot of independence and the opportunity to work on its own. It is also the ability to think strategically. Starting a business requires a thoughtful plan from the future owner and, above all, financial resources for the start. Fortunately, when it comes to additional funds – the state may be helpful.

As a future entrepreneur, you have the right to apply for co-financing from the employment office for starting your own business. The funds received are not subject to a refund obligation, so it is a so-called non-returnable loan. The amount you can get is up to PLN 25 thousand. The only requirement that we must meet is the proper settlement of the subsidy and maintaining your own business for a minimum of one year. If we add to this smaller ZUS, which is valid for the first two years, your own business can really pay off!


What are the conditions for receiving money from the employment office?

What are the conditions for receiving money from the employment office?


First of all, before opening your own business, an interested person must have the status of an unemployed person who is awarded after registration with the Labor Office. Moreover, the person planning to open a business can not be a full-time student. The application of a person who has already received similar help from the office will also be rejected.

If none of the situations described above apply to you, you are very likely to receive state support to start your own business.

Where to start?


First of all, a business plan is a basic document with which you can apply for financial support. Together with the appropriate application, the documents will be verified by the office. After about one month, the application should be considered. If you have decided to award funds, you will receive them within the next 30 days. It’s so easy, right?

However, if you do not plan to open your own business in the near future, check what other funding may interest you. We guarantee that you will also find something for yourself.


Co-financing of furnace replacement


Co-financing of furnace replacement


As part of the support for ecological activities, many cities have decided to provide furnace replacement subsidies. So if you are going to replace the heating in your home, find out if your place of residence is the opportunity to apply for subsidies. Additional funds can be obtained when replacing the coal-fired stove with an ecological one.

As statistics show, last year, with the help of co-financing, a total of 200,000 coal-fired furnaces were replaced. It’s really an impressive number!

What amount can you count on?

What amount can you count on?


It depends on what means the given commune has. If subsidies for furnace replacement are granted in your place of residence, you can certainly count on reimbursement of at least half of the costs, and in the best case the entire heating replacement is reimbursed.

Remember that the application for funding must be submitted before the installation is replaced. It is also important that the new furnace meets certain requirements. Otherwise, the refund will not be assigned.


Ecology – it pays!

Ecology - it pays!


More and more ecological solutions are being implemented every year. Although often the costs of healthy substitutes outweigh those non-ecological, traditional solutions – the good of the environment becomes our priority. Properly!

Many cities also support ecology by providing subsidies for solar collectors and photovoltaic cells. These are devices that turn solar energy into electricity or heat.

Depending on the conditions of subsidies in individual voivodships, residents can count on a return of up to 50% of the cost of purchasing solar panels. In some cities, low-interest loans are offered, some of which may be redeemed at the request of the person concerned.

Such investments may also receive co-financing from programs financed from national funds, eg by Bank Ochrony ƚrodowiska, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Economy. Importantly, for subsidies in the abovementioned institutions can try to be interested.


Co-financing from the EU – why are you interested in them?


Co-financing from the EU - why are you interested in them?

It should also be known that subsidies are not only subsidies obtained through self-prepared applications. Every interested person has the opportunity to use the available European Funds through participation in numerous projects. If you are interested in projects that are created in your area, you will certainly find a course that has received support from the European Union.

As a participant you will be able to develop and meet valuable people. Classes that take place as part of the projects described are often run by highly-regarded specialists. The latest technologies are also used, which facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and in an interesting way encourage participation in classes.

This is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons. The acquired knowledge can be helpful in achieving a promotion or finding an interesting place of employment. Full information on this subject can be found on the Polish side of European Funds.


As you can see, there are many funding opportunities and even more projects that you can participate in. Additional funds are great help, which is worth using. Just like the offered projects, thanks to which you will gain knowledge corresponding to your interests. It’s all for free – it would be a pity not to take advantage!