The Credit loan is a typical payday loan, which is granted in the amount of 100 to 4000 PLN for a period of 1 to 30 days. Each new customer can take advantage of the first free loan promotion in the amount of 100 PLN to 1000 PLN for a period of 1 to 30 days. Below you will find a detailed discussion of Credit’s terms and conditions and the rules on which you can use it, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. In the comments under the review you read the opinions of Credit customers about the company and the loan.


Quick cash loan online:

  • the first loan for free up to PLN 1000 for 30 days,
  • next short-stays up to PLN 4,000 for 30 days,
  • for people between 20 and 76 years old,
  • minimum of formalities,
  • no hidden costs,
  • without earnings certificates,
  • without checking in BIK
  • APY for the first free loan is 0%, for the next 1410.3% (representative example).


What do they write about themselves on the Credit website?


Credit, unlike other loan companies, does not write much about its own subject. He does not approve of his loan in any way and emphasizes its strengths. The website is prepared in a very factual way in terms of the most important information about the loan. There are described the rules on which it can be received and repaid. The FAQ section is available, where you can find answers to the most important questions. Personally, this is my substantive approach. Short, concise and on the topic without unnecessary sweetening on your own subject.


First loan free of APY = 0.00%

This is a promotion addressed only only to new customers who use the first time Credit. The new client can therefore borrow for free up to PLN 1,000 for 30 days. The promotion guarantees a cost of a loan equal to PLN 0, and APRC in this case is 0%. After the repayment period, you pay back exactly as much as you borrowed without paying interest, commission or other fees. However, for the first loan to be 100% free, it must be repaid on time. Otherwise, you will be charged as in standard conditions.

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Who can use the Credit loan?

The loan may be granted to a Customer who:

  • is between the ages of 20 and 76,
  • is a Polish citizen and has a permanent place of residence on the territory of Poland,
  • has a residence and registration address on the territory of Poland,
  • has its own mobile phone,
  • has a bank account in Poland.


How to take advantage of Credit?

How to take advantage of Credit?

The momentary Credit is reachable in no more than a few minutes. If you want to use it, you have only a few steps to perform:

  1. You must register on the Credit website and complete the registration form correctly.
  2. After registering correctly, you must confirm your name (first and last name) and the bank account number to which the loan is to be transferred, transferring 0.01 PLN from your personal account (SKOK is not accepted) to Credit.
  3. It is only when you perform the above actions correctly that your application will be considered and the decision will be informed by SMS. If the decision is positive, then the money will be transferred immediately to the bank account provided in the application.

Applications are analyzed from 8:00 to 22:00.

  • How to make a request for a break, so that it will be granted?


When and for what reasons Credit may refuse to grant you a loan?

Credit may refuse to grant a loan if:

  • you have arrears or delays in repayment of other loans or loans (which is checked in the KRD , BIG and ERIF databases),
  • you provided false data at the time of registration,
  • you do not meet the terms of the regulations and contract,
  • you have not met the verification requirements,
  • you have not yet repaid your previous loan at Credit.


Does Credit check the debtors’ records?

So the company works with:

  1. Biuro Informacji Kredytowej SA,
  2. KRD – Krajowy Rejestr Długów Economic Information Bureau SA,
  3. Register of Debtors ERIF Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA,
  4. BIG InfoMonitor SA,
  5. Krajowe Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA

Applicants, on the other hand, are not verified at BIK, which is a small consolation.


Can Credit be extended?

Can Credit be extended?

Most of the parabanks provide their clients with the option to extend their payment for an appropriate fee. Unfortunately, in the case of Credit is different and the company does not provide this solution for its customers.

How much can you borrow?

  1. up to PLN 1,000 for the first time,
  2. up to PLN 2,000 for the second time,
  3. up to PLN 2,500 for the third time,
  4. up to PLN 3,000 for the fourth time,
  5. up to PLN 3,500 for the fifth time,
  6. up to PLN 4,000 for the sixth and each subsequent time.

How much does the Credit loan cost?

The first loan is free:

  1. the maximum amount of the first loan is PLN 1000,
  2. a one-off registration fee charged only for the first loan is PLN 0.01,
  3. APY is 0%.

A representative example for the first free loan:

  • total loan amount: PLN 1000,
  • duration of the contract: 30 days,
  • fixed interest rate: 0% per annum,
  • total cost of the loan: PLN 0,
  • total amount to be repaid: PLN 1000.

A representative example for another loan:

  • total loan amount: PLN 2000,
  • duration of the contract: 30 days,
  • fixed interest rate: 10% per annum,
  • total loan cost: 500 (including capital interest PLN 16.44, commission 483.56),
  • Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC): 1410.3%,
  • total amount to be paid: PLN 2,500.


The Credit loan has few advantages and much more numerous defects that are worth knowing before using it

The Credit loan has few advantages and much more numerous defects that are worth knowing before using it


  • loan for free up to PLN 1,000,
  • loans available online 24 / h.


  • the company checks debtors’ registers BIK, BIG, KRD, ERIF,
  • minimum age of the borrower for 20 years,
  • high costs of further loans,
  • a small amount of the first free loan,
  • no loyalty program,
  • no possibility to extend the repayment or refinance of the loan,
  • no quick verification without having to transfer one penny.


Customers’ opinions about the company and the Credit loan

The Credit loan, although it has definitely more disadvantages than advantages, can arouse the interest of readers of the blog. However, before deciding to use it, you should learn more about it. Most of this loan will be told not by its terms, but by the opinions of Clients who have already used Credit for a short time. That is why I encourage Rapid Finance Polska clients to share their blog with the readers of their opinion on both the Credit loan and the company itself. I also invite readers of the blog to rate this offer, because all your opinions are a great source of knowledge for potential borrowers.