How to Get Open Franchise Line Credit – How to Get It?


Thinking about getting credit to open franchise and having your own business? You have money set aside for this or you will need to get a special line of credit. If your intention is to open a franchise, in the market there are several options is only to find one that suits your interests. To open your first franchise or expand your franchise network, the shortage of money is no longer an excuse not to have your new business and start to start.

As this project needs the financial resources to afford the commercial point, franchise fee, royalties and working capital, opting for the special credit lines available for franchises may be the best solution for your investment. To take the first step if you do not have all the capital needed for the company, look for financial institutions and banks that offer the credit service for those who want to invest in this type of business. To have the service requires the franchisor to be accredited to the bank, the loan can be both franchise-specific and personal depending on the amount.


Getting credit to open franchise

Getting credit to open franchise


The paperwork is bureaucratic, but no seven headed beast. The candidate goes through a qualification and then begins to understand the rules of granting the credit. Some of the requirements of most banks are: uptime, minimum period as franchisor, possess more than one franchisee, among others. After these steps, the bank joins you with a business plan for the continuity and follow-up of your new business.

Wonder who are the financial institutions and banks that grant the credit to open franchise and start as soon as possible your new business? Check here:

Which banks offer credit to buy a franchise?


Which banks offer credit to buy a franchise?

BNDES : With special conditions, BNDES lends through other accredited financial institutions and for special projects.

Banco do Brasil : The BB franchise offers all products aimed at legal entities, such as lines of loans, financing, investments, cards, insurance and pension.

Banco do Nordeste : This bank has an agreement with more than 80 franchisors and has exclusive business strategies for this type of venture.

Bradesco : This institution provides all services to legal entities for franchises, as well as specific aids in the control and expansion of the network.

Caixa Econômica Federal : Caixa Franquias is the special program of this bank and has two options of credit lines for the implementation of partner franchises.

HSBC : With specific areas to meet the demand for franchises, HSBC has four agreed networks and, for the new franchisees, it will be possible to have access to 60% of the initial working capital, with term of up to 42 months and six months grace period.

Itaú Unibanco : This bank finances up to 50% up to 50% of the total invested in the opening of a new franchised unit. The candidate must give as collateral the receivables of the business or the assets.

Credit to open own business

Credit to open own business


All these financial institutions provide the credit to open franchise you need to open your own business , if you are an accountant of one of them, it pays to contact your manager and get more information, and who knows, own your own nose.

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