Whoever is micro-entrepreneur knows that there are always bills that arrive and investments that are needed. In this sense, getting a credit is always welcome. And to get a loan for individual entrepreneur one should look for the bank of preference and get information on everything that involves this process.

Each bank works with a particular type of loan. So it is good to know what each one has at the customer service. It is valid and pertinent to pay attention to interest rates and make comparisons with other financial ones.

Remembering that for the individual entrepreneur to receive a series of advantages, one must register as an individual microentrepreneur (MEI). In order to be legalized in this way, he must have a maximum billing of R $ 60,000.00 each year and not participate in another company as a member or holder.


How does Microentrepreneur Loan work?


How does Santander's Microentrepreneur Loan work?


Who does not need a budget to leverage their business? Thinking about this is that Santander has a product that is aimed at both individuals and corporations who want a loan for your business.

Santander may not offer the cheapest interest rates on the market, but there is a concern to guide the entrepreneur to apply well the money he will borrow. That is, they do not just sell the package, but want their customer to thrive in the business.


What credit value do I get in the individual micro loan 


What credit value do I get in the individual micro loan Santander


Recalling that this credit is aimed at those small entrepreneurs who can not fit into other conventional credit lines. It is intended for professionals who work in a productive activity of the commercial, industrial or service sector.

The amount of credit provided by Santander may be at least R $ 500 and a maximum of R $ 15,000. Interest rates are low: from 2 to 4% monthly and payment conditions can be made from 4 to 24 months.

This financial product when released can be used for working capital, or even acquisition of machinery, equipment, and also to reform the establishments. In due course, by hiring this service, the bank will help you in the long run through financial guidelines, this help is always coming.

Not bad for you to know that there is someone who can give you tips on your business and so you can even avoid some mistake, something that is quite common to occur for anyone who is starting a new business.

One tip is to pay attention to the deadline for payment. This needs to be clarified and some institutions. Some offer 60 days to start paying the first installment.


Is it advantageous to borrow for an individual entrepreneur?

Is it advantageous to borrow for an individual entrepreneur?

Before applying for the loan, the individual entrepreneur needs to know that the loan interest rates vary greatly depending on the type of loan chosen and the credit analysis done by the financial institution! Then, compare the conditions of other banks before any decision.

When you apply for the loan to Santander in addition to submitting the requested documents, you receive a visit from the Credit Agent. He directs you to the person in charge and if everything is right you get the money in your account, or you can withdraw it. Remember that having a good payment history, “clean name”, among other factors, can make you guarantee better rates.

It is advantageous in a way to apply for a loan at Santander because you can count on their advice, without doubt increasing the chances of growth of the company. What’s more, the loan can be an essential aid in getting your project to start and generate significant income if this is your goal.

But before you actually apply make sure that this is your goal and if you are going to be able to account for the monthly loan payments you will have to pay.

Undoubtedly, by choosing Santander you will be choosing a serious and recognized financial institution worldwide for the services provided. They are more than 150 years of trajectory, to the point of becoming the most important financial group in Europe. And that certainly counts in your favor at the time of the bank’s choice.

In addition, the bank still offers other services to entrepreneurs such as working capital. In this type of loan the installment is flexible and has no specific destination. If you are interested go to a Santander agency and check your situation to request. Want to know more about microcredit go here. Good luck!