With unemployment and the crisis in Brazil, many people sought to open a new venture as a job opportunity. Even those who already have your business, or those who are starting know the importance that a loan has to leverage the business, or increase. Thinking about these thousands of entrepreneurs in Brazil, is that Banco do Nordeste offers a line of credit directed to the individual microentrepreneur.


How does the loan work?


 How does the Banco do Nordeste loan work?


In order to give a financial boost, and stimulate the business, Northeast Bank offers an opportunity for those who are looking for an expansion in their establishment or take the first step. The name of this line of credit directed to this specific public is called ” Program of Financing to Microenterprises and Small Enterprises and the Individual Entrepreneur – FNE-MPE “. This is aimed at those who have annual revenues of up to 360 thousand reais, or even above 360,000.00 and up to 4,800,000.00.

And for the individual microentrepreneur there is a program called Crediamigo. This line of credit is considered to be South America’s largest Productive Microcredit Program . It is aimed at entrepreneurs belonging to the informal or formal sectors of the economy, such as microenterprises, “Individual Microentrepreneur, Individual Entrepreneur, Self-Employed”. Even for those who do not have a CNPJ, it is possible to apply for this type of credit.

Only in 2017 Banco Nordeste with this line of credit, financed 8 billion with the microentrepreneurs acting. Only in microcredit were 4 million. Already for 2018 the bank intends to fund 8.7 billion, further increasing credit for this public.

How to apply for a microentrepreneur loan?


How to apply for a microentrepreneur loan?


To request the loan, the microentrepreneur can call the Bank of the Northeast or access the site by placing their personal data, and thus requesting the visit of a credit agent that goes directly to the site of the project, ie, this type of loan is all custom.

And the documents requested are: CPF, Photo ID and Proof of Residency. Upon verification of the credit agent, and the release of the bank, the loan will be released in one go in a maximum of seven business days after the request and approval.

To request this specific loan, the Bank requires certain requirements. First, the applicant must be of legal age. It should also be quite with the Electoral Justice (statement of the producer (s) in the proposal of credit) and still do not present cadastral restrictions.

Already when requesting the credit, it is necessary to submit a simplified credit proposal prepared by the Microcredit Agent. Already the amount released varies from R $ 100.00 to 6,000.00, according to the product, the need and size of the business. That is, it all depends on the individual microentrepreneur business.


Advantages of the individual microentrepreneur loan 


Advantages of the individual microentrepreneur loan 


One of the advantages is that in this financial product, Banco Nordeste opens a current account for its clients, without charging an account opening and maintenance fee, in order to facilitate the receipt and handling of credit. In addition, there are other advantages such as: credit oriented and accompanied by the Agroamigo Microcredit Agent, service in the community itself, no bureaucracy, identification of financial needs of customers.

And the microentrepreneur can still rely on systematic monitoring in the community itself. If you find it necessary, you can still apply for loan renewal. And to facilitate the payment is carried out by carnet.

These are some advantages. Actually this loan for individual microentrepreneur of the Northeast bank is advantageous. In addition to the release of credit, the professional can still count on monitoring the best application of the resource. With the support of a professional who helps in this direction, the investment is likely to bring good returns to the microentrepreneur.

Keep in mind that this is a business-only line. The good that the amount released can be used in any way and regardless of the type of business. Recalling that Banco do Nordeste counts branches in all the states of the region, besides Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais.

It is possible to request service in person or by calling 4020 0004 from capitals and metropolitan areas, or 0800 333 3031 from other locations. Good luck with the credit and apply it with planning.

Think before you apply and if it really will be advantageous for your business.