Interest free installment on the card – We live in an economic moment that demands caution when it comes to shopping. Debts with credit cards have increased over the years and automatically, the interest charged on the bills in arrears. Thus, almost all stores offer opportunities to buy in various installments and still have benefits like spending no interest on the card.

To buy consciously always thinking about the value of the plots and what your budget allows is one of the ways to dribble the eventual problems of this practice so common in the life of Brazilians.

Credit cards can present a number of advantages, so knowing how to work with these advantages is important. With that in mind, we’ve prepared this post to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of making interest-free purchases on the card.

Issues to Consider Before Repaying Your Purchase


 Issues to Consider Before Repaying Your Purchase


What is your real need to get the product?

What is your real need to get the product?

It is very common to let our emotions command our actions when it comes to shopping. Sometimes the need for the product is less than our anxiety about getting it. Therefore, it is important to think about our actual need for the product, preferably away from it. It is much harder to resist when you are near.

Install or save to buy cash?

Install or save to buy cash?

This is an issue that can be answered after considering the previous item. Depending on the actual need of the product one can consider the possibility of waiting and buying in sight. In addition, it is important to evaluate whether you should decrease the value of the installments and increase interest or even increase the value of installments and decrease interest.

So, this option depends on your purchasing power and how you organize your finances. So before you buy check how your bills are for the next few months and if your salary allows the addition of an extra installment in addition to the approximate amount.

It is of the utmost importance that you think about it so that the pleasure of the purchase will not be clouded by subsequent problems arising from the default. Know your finances and weigh your purchase possibilities.

Does it really exist as an interest-free installment on the card?


It is common to see in product advertisements the call of a certain number of parcels with the possibility of payment without interest. However, if you look closely, this kind of advantage does not exist.

Dealers, physical stores and buying sites have ways of embedding the interest in the parcels without it appearing discriminated as such.

That’s why buying an object in cash gives you a higher discount. That is, in fact, what you failed to pay were interest.

So the best way to organize yourself economically so that you can achieve your goals is by doing a deep self-analysis of your drinking habits. Depending on the desired object, it may be worth splitting even if the installments are not interest-free on the card.

If you realize that the need is not so immediate, consider saving your money and making the purchase in sight. Even if it takes longer for you to get what you want home, the mental tranquility of seeing yourself without debt can be rewarding.

What did you think of learning a little more about how to install interest-free installments on your credit card? To learn more, do not hesitate to contact us.