Meet the Best Cards to Earn Miles Fast and Easy



Most people love to travel. What few of them know is that using cards to accrue miles goes well beyond invoice payments. On the contrary, this form of credit is widely used by travelers who use a feature that some credit card companies offer, so-called travel miles.


But, how do I get cards to accumulate miles?


 But, how do I get cards to accumulate miles?


This reward becomes very useful and is a great ally of those who use their cards. After all, through these bank transactions you can add points and exchange them in the future for the miles. With this, it is important to note that there are several mileage programs and it is fundamental to consult the places that offer this benefit.

If you have come here and do not know if your card offers this regalia, do not worry! In this text we will help you choose the best cards to earn miles. Continue reading.

This type of advantage granted by airlines in partnership with financial institutions aims to boost the economy while enabling customers to score points and exchange them for future benefits such as switching to miscellaneous products or making a trip.

This loyalty program has specific rules that vary by company. However, in general, it is possible to accumulate points during the flights performed and, according to the mileage traveled, ie the distance traveled by the passenger, he can exchange for totally free passes.

In addition, major banks offer these benefits to their customers through the cards to accrue miles. With payments made every time the cards are used, you increase the score that will subsequently return the customer as miles to be exchanged.

Therefore, it is imperative to understand all the benefit programs so that you are able to choose the one that most closely matches your needs and preferences. In this way, the benefits offered will be more satisfactory. Especially for those who are traveling constantly.

Does my card earn miles ?


The main doubts of the consumers go directly by the difficulty in knowing the cards to accumulate miles. Therefore, it is important to clarify that most airlines are partners of the main banks in Brazil and the World. In most cases, carriers that have annuity rates also offer benefit programs.

In this sense, it is very important that the customer pay a visit to his bank and talk to the manager of his account to solve the main doubts. Besides accumulating points each card has its own strategy of punctuating and accumulating. However, to help you with this task, we have brought in three excellent cards to earn miles. Check out:

1. Bradesco Smiles Platinum

1. Bradesco Smiles Platinum


With this card, for every dollar spent (or the same amount in real), you can get 2 miles to be counted in your Smiles Account. Also, paying for invoices – additional or not – will generate points for the account owner. Also, you do not have to worry about transferring your mileage because this is automatic.


2. Multiplus Itaucard 2.0 Mastercard


2. Multiplus Itaucard 2.0 Mastercard


The Multiplus program of the Itaú card offers great benefits for its customers. In addition to facilitating the payment of the annuity, each $ 1 spent on purchases, it is possible to acquire 1.3 points. In addition, you can exchange your score on any product available on the Multiplus platform, and of course, you can exchange for miles of travel.

3. Smiles Banco do Brasil Platinum Mastercard


By purchasing this card, you can earn miles and travel wherever you want. With the benefits of the Smiles program, you already start by adding miles to your score. This credit card offers bonuses in the payment of your purchases and the annuity. However, it is important to note that it has a monthly limit of 5,000 miles and is not cumulative for subsequent months and is only available to BB account holders.

Therefore, knowing the best cards to earn miles is the main point to draw up a benefit conversion strategy that meets your expectations. With this you can take advantage of the above tips to turn your invoices into hundreds of special advantages and make a much more consistent conversion.

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