What Is The Purpose Of Domiciling The Payroll? Catch Credit



Currently most of the workers have their payroll registered in a bank . This occurs whenever the company makes payments to the worker through a bank.

But, what is domiciled payroll ?

When we direct our payroll, we are linking our salary to an account provided by our bank. This fact can bring us a series of benefits at the level of discounts or commissions.


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What is needed to pay the payroll? Well, this process does not have much complexity and can be done in two different ways :

  • Open a separate account that serves as a payroll account . In this way, the bank provides bonuses to the client by opening exclusively an account in which he will receive the remuneration of his work. Some of these bonuses are: the absence of commissions, free cards, free transfers, material gifts, discounts on products financed by the entity, etc.
  • In the same way, we can link our payroll to one of our existing accounts . To do this, we should inform our bank that, from that moment, our payroll will become part of that bank account.






Surely many of you before reaching your payroll, you have asked what the salary payroll is for . Basically, the advantages of domiciling our payroll are: the absence of commissions for any service that the bank can offer us, especially the maintenance, the administration of our account and the transfers at the national level.

Another benefit, which most appeals to customers is the fact that they can withdraw money on debit from ATMs at no cost . The cards that the bank provides us for that account will be free for a period of one year.

Material gifts are also included, such as watches, mobiles, televisions, etc. The bank usually uses these types of offers, which quickly convince the customer. This allows them to prepare a permanent commitment to the payroll debit. Therefore, in these cases, it is very important to read the fine print. To this, discounts can be added. They tend to be in large stores and in fuel.

Finally, if these types of advantages do not get enough in the client, the bank can offer a refund of the direct debits . Never more than 3%.



‘La Caixa’ is one of the banking entities with the highest recognition and one of the most requested when hiring a payroll account . But why? What does ‘La Caixa’ offer by domiciling the payroll ?

  • Account without maintenance and administration fees
  • Debit card without annual fees
  • Almost 9500 free ATMs in debit withdrawals with CaixaBank cards
  • The issuance and maintenance fees of two credit cards, for a holder and a beneficiary.
  • Maintenance or administration of the account.
  • Unlimited transfers by cashier and CaixaBankNow.

How to direct the payroll in ‘La Caixa’?

Payroll Domiciliary is a very simple process for which you will only need 3 steps:

  • Enter the Digital Banking of ‘La Caixa’
  • Select the account in which you are going to domicile your payroll and sign the contract.
  • Deliver to your company the account number where you have registered your payroll.


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